How companies (again!) showed interest in Employer Branding through social topics!

It happened again and I’m really proud of it. We have just finished another round of our Social Challenge project that connects brave companies and prospective young people from around the Europe. The purpose was again the same: challenge young people and motivate them to step outside of their comfort zone and give them the opportunity to present themselves as wise, social-thinking people who CARE.

On the another hand, companies used this platform to present not only their strategies, corporate benefits or working environment, but express their opinion about topics that somehow are related to all of us. And above it all, to engage young people about issues that really matters.

Here are top three learnings from our latest Social Challenge:

1. Generation Y is not selfish

Companies have released their Social Challenges during March and April. Topics were really heterogenous – air pollution, homeless issue, virtual vs real world, financial literacy, teachers’ profession, internships in companies. Number of solutions delivered by young people is what we value the most. And this number really made our days. We have received 300 beautiful solutions, inspirations and ideas created by this beautiful generation of people. They showed us that they care – just give them the right platform at the right time. THANK YOU!

2. Companies understand it’s not about benefits any more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, adidas group, Global Shapers Community Copenhagen, Generali, IBM, Spotahome, Kickresume, Voltia and Mentes Empreendedoras are among those companies that don’t attract talents solely by job ads, salary and benefits. The strategy here is much more long-term oriented, but what is most important, it creates relation and trigger emotion. These companies now own valuable contacts to young motivated people that definitely do not search (only) for best salary and (immediate) managerial post. This is employer branding strategy that really makes sense.

3. We are not done yet

The interest in this project shown by companies and young people gave us a lot of confidence and motivation to continue. Linking up these two target groups with relevant and valuable topics makes sense. If you want to be among them and want to create interesting project, we are here to help. Drop me an email at and let’s make the world a better place together! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.42.02

Social Challenge 2017 in numbers:

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Number of challenges: 9
  • Companies involved: +10
  • Solutions: 474
  • Reach of young people by Facebook campaign: +7 millions

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